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Wethersfield Farmers' Market

Historically Wethersfield was known as a prominent farming community, in which we have been fortunate enough to preserve and continue to thrive. This proposal to include a small farmer’s market in the “old village” will re-introduce to the community the local farmers and vendors that we have available as well as provide the community an opportunity to purchase a variety of fresh, locally grown products including Artisan Breads, Cheeses, Jams/Jellies/Honey, handmade crafts and other specialty items.Research has shown that the interest in locally grown produce, organic products, and “green” efforts has skyrocketed over the past few years. In Connecticut alone there are nearly 90 Farmer’s Markets throughout the state, some of which have brought thousands of visitors. Farmer’s Markets are thriving, they provide entertainment, fresh produce and local made products, one stop convenience, can be environmentally friendly, as well as expand the customer base for the farms and hardworking vendors.VisionIn 1634 Wethersfield’s alluvial soil attracted settlers looking for fertile land so they can plant crops for survival. Over the years, the community profited by trading its’ famous Red Onions abroad which now symbolizes our agricultural history. Today with the growing demand for fresh produce and convenience, Farmer’s Market can be Wethersfield’s revitalized agricultural focal point. With some marketing efforts, state and local government support and the local vendors we can create a well-organized, entertaining, and profitable event with lots of Charm. The market will work in conjunction of the historical society and the town’s agricultural historic background. Town’s folk and visitor will be encouraged to go through the market to pick up some fresh local products, grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants and browse through the shops along Main Street.

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  • Wethersfield Farmers' Market
    220 Hartford Avenue, Solomon Welles House
    Wethersfield, CT 06109

    Dates: May 15- October 30, 2014

    Day and Time: Thursdays 3pm - 6pm