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Sweet Pea Cheese

Sweet Pea Cheese at the House of Hayes Farm is a small family run dairy farm located in North Granby, CT. We milk 70 Saanen dairy goats and 65 dairy cows. Our product lineup includes pasteurized whole milk products from both our goats and cows. Our goat products include a fresh chevre seasoned with many different flavors, a fresh feta, a greek style yogurt, and milk available in quart, half gallon, and gallon sizes. We also carry scented soaps made from goat milk. Our cow products include whole cow milk yogurt, and pasteurized milk available in quart, half gallon, and gallon sizes. From time to time we also carry fresh cheese curds made from both goat and cow milk as well as a soft cow cheese we call Divine Bovine. Our products are available at our farm store located on the farm, or at the many local farmers' markets we attend throughout the year.

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  • Sweet Pea Cheese
    151 East Street
    North Granby, CT 06060

    The cheese shop is open every day from 10am to 7pm

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Cow Yogurt


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Goat cheese




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Goat Milk


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