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Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm

The Smyth family has done dairy for 90 years.   A passion for the science of dairy is what inspires this family and they are proud of their meticulous practices. All members of the family have a role in the process of making and selling dairy, so it truly is a family-run business. Dairy farming is what keeps this family alive with a sense of freedom and faith in their heritage. Trinity uses rotational grazing and uses only manure on its pasture. Animal welfare is the basis of this family's lifestyle as is respect for the animal, so cows are not given any artifical growth hormones. Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm offers milk in glass bottles. The product line includes whole, 1%, skim, chocolate, coffee, half and half and heavy cream. They offer kefir, butter and cheese curd as well as plain, vanilla and fruit yogurt. Don't miss their egg nog during the holiday season!

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  • Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm
    4 Oliver Road

    Monday through Friday 6am-6pmand Saturday 6am-4pm

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