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Silvermine Apiary

At Silvermine Apiary, home of Andrew's Local Honey, treat yourself to a taste of 100% pure, local, raw, kosher honey made by one of Connecticut's oldest beekeeping families. The Cote's have been keeping bees since the 1800's and with centuries of experience, they offer top quality honey, honeycomb, pollen, royal jelly and more.Not only is honey one of life's sweetest pleasures, is it healthy too! Andrew Cote is proud to offer wildflower honey rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can help bolster the immune system so that your body can better tolerate seasonal allergies. Honey is also know to speed the healing of wounds, burns, and scrapes.Andrew jokes that 'To obtain fresher honey, you'd need to stick your hand in a hive.' Visit him at Silvermine Apiary or at the farmers' market to taste what he means!

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  • Silvermine Apiary - Farm Stand
    127 Silvermine Avenue
    Norwalk, CT 06850

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