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Salemme Pepper

The Salemme Pepper is so named as there is no known formal or scientific designation, nor known to have been previously cultivated. It resembles the Cabai Burong of Malaysia and the Kahari of India, however it is truly unique. This pepper has been in the Salemme family for generations, although from whence it arrived remains a mystery. However, what is not a mystery is the reaction of family and friends once sampled.To say it has transformed the culinary life of many would be an understatement. Addiction would be a more fitting term. Reaction akin to panic often accompanies dwindling supplies. An arousing AROMA and captivating FLAVOR combined with a HOT taste make for an incredible experience . . . as we say, "A few flakes are all you can take". The delightfully spicy crushed, red pepper added to your favorite recipe or sprinkled sparingly on meals will bring your food to new heights. Salemme Pepper guarantees you will never think of crushed red pepper in the same way.

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