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Meadow Stone Farm

Kris and Annemarie have created a truly unique and special place in Brooklyn. Meadowstone Farm is a small family farm, nestled in the rural woods of eastern Connecticut, that crafts a marvelous variety of farmstead foods and sundries, many of which start with a stout herd of Saanen dairy goats. Elsa, the goat matriarch, gives superior milk of which the farm managers are quite proud. While these brilliant white Swiss decendents steal the show, Kris and Annemarie grow 3 varieties of blueberries, raise heritage breed chickens, keep hives of bees "conjuring up" pounds and pounds of honey, in addition to tending goats that produce raw milk for bottling, cheesemaking, and creating sumptuous soaps. Elsa and her flock live free of steroids, hormones or medicated feeds, and are instead treated homeopathically, where animal health is maintained naturally, keeping the land around them in an optimal state. All of Elsa's Suisse Kiss skin care products are made with raw goat milk and raw honey. You can also enjoy Meadowstone goat's milk that is not in any way modified from its pure, wholesome form, as well as Farmstead Aged & Smoked Raw Milk Cheeses and various Artisanal Cheeses. Visit the farm in Brooklyn, or at your favorite farmers' market.

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  • Meadow Stone Farm
    199 Hartford Road
    Brooklyn, CT 06234

    March - December:Thu & Sat, 1:30 PM ‚to 6:30 PM

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