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Hautboy Hill Farm

The Hurlburt Family settled in Cornwall Hollow, Connecticut in 1748. Inspired by the tall black locust trees that graced their valley, they named the area they farmed Hautboy Hill (French for high woods). Over 250 years later, they still farm in the Hollow nurturing the land of their ancestors. When Buddy Hurlburt took over the farm from his father in the 1970s, he did exactly what economists say small farmers must do to protect their income from the perilous economics of dairy farming - he diversified.At Hautboy Hill Farm, they raise their animals on fresh pasture and grain without antibiotics, growth hormones, or harmful chemical additives. They sell their cow's creamline milk, which is pasteurized but not homogenized. This milk, like the old-fashioned type, has to be shaken to mix in the heavier cream at the top. They also offer fresh free-range chicken eggs, cuts of beef and pork, maple syrup and in-season produce.

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  • The Hurburt Family
    (860) 672-4495
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  • Hautboy Hill Farm
    39 Hautboy Hill Road
    Cornwall Hollow, CT 06759

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