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Edge of the Woods

Edge of the Woods is a natural food landmark in southern Connecticut. Offers a wide variety of fresh produce (including organics), beverages, pastas, sauces, snacks, canned goods, ethnic goods, etc. Has a good selection of soy products including locally made Tofu. Features a large selection of frozen foods, bulk beans/grains/seeds, vegan (and non) cheeses, and on the second level a huge selection of natural cosmetics and vitamins.Near the front of the store is a bakery with lots of vegan (and non-vegan) cakes, breads and pastries. A small seating area is nearby (there is more seating on the second level) with a fresh juice bar. Next to the bakery is a salad bar and hot buffet which usually has 5 or 6 options with most of them vegan. Fresh soups and additional items are available from a counter near the buffet.

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  • Edge of the Woods
    379 Whalley Avenue
    New Haven, CT 06511
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