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DP Hughes, LLC d/b/a Hughes Maple Syrup

Hughes Maple Syrup is the producer of some of Connecticut's finest maple syrup sold in distinctive glass maple leaf bottles that enables purchasers to see the quality prior to purchase. Paul Hughes has been producing maple syrup from his property in Bloomfield, CT since 1973. For special events such as weddings, anniversaries, fundraising or to give that special gift as a a thank you to your customers, Hughes Maple Syrup will gladly produce a custom label. Most maple syrup is made in either Quebec or Vermont. With only 200 maple syrup operators in CT producing approximately 78,000 gallons per year, real Connecticut maple syrup is a rare and special product.


The sap for Hughes Maple syrup comes from approximately 500 taps that flows through plastic lines under vacuum to the sugar shed where it passes through an RO that increases the sugar content of the sap from 2% to approximately 8% prior to boiling in a modern stainless steel evaporator. To achieve the high quality for which Hughes Maple Syrup is known, the sap and syrup pass through six filters prior to grading in compliance with international standards and packaging.

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  • 32 Juniper Road
    Bloomfield, CT, CT 06002

    Maple syrup is made from the end of January to late March. Please call ahead, 860-794-1612, to confirm that the operation will be running that day.

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