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CT NOFA is a growing community of farmers, gardeners, land care professionals, and consumers that encourages a healthy relationship to the natural world. CT NOFA:

-  Promotes methods of farming, gardening, and land care that respect biodiversity, soil, water, air, and the needs of future generations through education, support, and advocacy.

-  Encourages the growth of a sustainable, regional food system that is ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just.

-  Educates consumers about their power to effect positive changes through their food and land care choices.

-  Increases the local and organic food supply and maintains productive agricultural land by creating opportunities for new and veteran farmers.

CT NOFA is working toward:

-  The growth of organic food production in Connecticut, resulting in local, sustainable agricultural systems.

-  A clean, safe, healthy environment to pass on to future generations.

-  Preservation of existing farmland in the state.

-  An abundant supply of organically grown food for Connecticut citizens.

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    153 Bowers Hill Rd.
    Oxford, CT 06478
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CT Farm Bureau Association
CT Northeast Organic Farming Association (CT NOFA)
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