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Bittersweet Ridge

At Bittersweet Ridge, Rose Garbien and her flock of Shetland sheep provide the finest local fibers for knitting and felting. Over ten years ago, Rose joined a weekly spinning group and became an ardent spinner. Not long after, she decided to raise her own sheep and English angora rabbits. Rose's high-quality, hand-spun fibers are processed locally and come in earthy tones of dark brown, dark gray, oatmeal and white. She also offers a blend of 90% English angora and 10% Shetland wool.Rose is not only a spinning expert, she is also a trained herbalist and cultivates a number of unusual and hard to find herbs. Some of her most popular offerings are Spilanthes, the perfect remedy for a nasty toothache, and Stevia, a natural sweetener. She also grows New Jersey Tea, which was a popular replacement for black tea during the American Revolution, as well as hops, a key ingredient for brewing beer. Visit Rose and her soft and friendly English angora rabbit, Seymour, at the Sandy Hook Farmers' Market!

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